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Pilot Resource Team (PRT)

The Pilot Resource Team is composed of volunteer Delta pilots who have experienced the challenges of disability firsthand.

Drawing from our own journeys through the disability process, PRT volunteers offer a unique perspective and a wealth of resources to guide fellow pilots through every step of their journey. They provide empathetic guidance tailored to the specific needs of aviators. With firsthand knowledge of the aviation industry and the intricacies of the disability process, their goal is to enhance your support system and to lend a compassionate ear and practical assistance to ensure Delta pilots receive the support they deserve during this challenging time.

Ortho / Neuro / Military
Michael Albert
(770) 855-8898


CA/WA State Disability
Grayson Grove
(619) 804-6138


Probationary Pilots
Steve Norton
(470) 263-2113

ATL-320-A (Instructor)

Special Issuance / Cardiac / Sleep Apnea
Andrew Oliphant
(703) 203-9754

HIMS / Back Surgery
Sergey Obabkov
(832) 692-9216

Pregnancy / Postpartum Complications  Disbilities Specific to Women / Ortho
Return to work incl Training

Jaime Pearson
(303) 378-4539
ATL-757/767-A (Instructor)

NY State Disability
Jon Sheehan
(404) 992-9252

Cancer / Return to Work Process
(404) 395-1053
ATL-757/767-A (Instructor)


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